What’s Your ABVenture? // 4) Margaret Brinkley, Around Town

What’s Your ABVenture? is our new series of podcasts in which we interview some of the most exciting start-ups in Aberdeen and discuss all things enterprise.

The fourth episode features Margaret Brinkley, the co-founder of Around Town (formerly known as MyTime) – a mobile app that synchronises, in a single space, students’ academic and social calendars. It will show a calendar of events tailored to each user’s interests, and the app will partner with universities as well as local businesses to create a truly comprehensive, but accessible and user-friendly time management system.

Keep up with Around Town on Twitter, they have some exciting developments in store.
They recently got through to the AccelerateHER competition semi-final, along with Greyhope Bay and RelocateGuru. That’s three ABVenture Zone occupants taking the AccelerateHER competition by storm – we wish them the best of luck!

Margaret talks about the beginnings of her business, finding her ‘scene’ and favourite spots in Aberdeen, entering competitions, and how her upbringing in rural Maryland shaped her entrepreneurial story.

“Enterprise is definitely a full-time job and not something that you can do half-heartedly, but if you believe that strongly in something, it doesn’t matter how hard it is. You do what you have to do in order to get where you want to be.

Figure out what your market is and why your product is unique – what makes it better than others. Find the resources around you, look up incubator spaces, look up competitions. Take advantage of the resources at your disposal; there’s a lot more out there than you may think.”

Get to know Margaret and Around Town by listening to this week’s podcast:



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