What’s Your ABVenture? // 3) Dr Alabi Rotimi, RAB Microfluidics

What’s Your ABVenture? is our new series of podcasts in which we interview some of the most exciting start-ups in Aberdeen and discuss all things enterprise.

The third episode features Dr Alabi Rotimi, who recently got a PhD in Geology at the University of Aberdeen, where he explored the innovation potential of microfluidics in the oil & gas industry. His innovative enterprise “permits the point of need measurement” by creating micro-scale mobile labs for chemical analysis. Alibi is literally developing an entire lab on a tiny glass chip.

Find out more about his business by visiting RAB’s website.

Alabi talks about the beginnings of his business, the importance of surrounding yourself with the right network, seeking advice from the multitude of organisations such as ABVenture Zone or Elevator, and his success in the Scottish EDGE competition.
He even plays us his favourite track (it’s a song by Eminem) and talks about his usual after-work activities.

“It is crucial for a start-up with no funds to apply for some of these competitions; it’s a great way for making inroads. Some of these competitions come with the added package of business support, so you have access to brilliant minds in the industry.”

Get to know Alabi and RAB Microfluidics by listening to this week’s podcast:



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