What’s Your ABVenture? // 2) Hamish Blythe, Twigd

‘What’s Your ABVenture?’ is our new series of podcasts in which we interview some of the most exciting start-ups in Aberdeen and discuss all things enterprise.

The second episode features Hamish Blythe, the founder of Twigd – an innovative, student-focused mobile network which allows you to ‘free yourself’ from recurring monthly bills. Hamish has been very busy with gathering feedback, consulting students and negotiating with local businesses to obtain discounts, which form the backbone of Twigd.
Tune in and you’ll hear a lot more about the journey and the destination which Twigd are aiming towards.

LISTEN HERE: https://soundcloud.com/user-539508320/whats-your-abventure-podcast-with-hamish-twigd

If you actually stand up and get out the door and start doing it, then it can only go well.

We talk about inspirations, travels, we find out where the name Twigd originates from and we get loads of useful first-hand advice from Hamish.
We even feature Hamish’s favourite song at the moment and a musical interlude by Oh Wonder, an exciting indie-pop duo from London.

Have plenty of ideas but are hesitant to turn them into an enterprise? We at ABVenture Zone are well placed to give you support and guide you forward. Go to www.abventurezone.com to find out more.


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