Funding opportunity with the QF scholarship

We know how challenging it can be to start a new business, particularly for those who are also studying at university or college. Quality Formations, one of the UK’s top company formation agencies, runs a scholarship devoted to help student entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality.

The scholarship is open to all students studying at higher education institutions in the UK and US and while it is undoubtedly competitive, it can be fantastic for kickstarting your business.
The bursary of £1000 (or $1400) is designed to provide seed funding and supplement each student’s income to allow them to spend more time developing their business idea.

Funding tends to be one of the main barriers for start-ups, so an inflow of cash is likely to help elevate your start-up onto the next level.
Even if you happen to be unsuccessful this time, the experience of taking part in competitions and getting your ideas scrutinised by experts is invaluable. We believe that determination and belief in your product are the key components of a successful start-up.

So why not give it a go and apply? Deadline for applications is 5pm, January 27th 2016. Click HERE to find out more and start the application process.

We are extremely proud of one of our bright occupants, Liam McMorrow from Adelie Health, who won the £1000 award in the inaugural scholarship last year.
He was praised by the panel for his extraordinary aptitude for business and innovative design.

Look out for our new series of podcasts, ‘What’s Your ABVenture?’, which will feature Liam sharing his business story, recent developments and advice for budding entrepreneurs.

Liam Mc Morrow is the Founding Director of Adelie Health which aims to use insights from behavioural economics to help people self-manage chronic illnesses.


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